Speaking & Presentations

  • CBT Presentation to Your Professional Group

    Dynamic presentation (pun intended!) for your professional organization or Institute.  I am glad to speak about CBT, and address your concerns about how to incorporate these effective tools without losing your passion for in-depth, well-related psychotherapy.

    Other topics include: Case Presentations, Panic & Anxiety, Insomnia,, etc.;  all can be geared for an audience starting to consider this work.

    Reviews of my past presentations on request.

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  • For Your Peer Supervision Group

    >  Are you in a Psychodynamic group with your colleagues?
    >  Are the members curious about incorporating CBT skills in a meaningful way?  Are you interested in having more tools to help your patients?
    >  This can range from a presentation that showcases what CBT work actually looks and feels like, to a set of tailored training/supervision meetings for your group.
    >  It’s a great way to learn with a trusted set of your peers.

    I’d be glad to discuss the possibilities for your group.

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Sophisticated CBT
I provide effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety and other issues. My approach is clinically sophisticated, so I tailor the work to help you get relief from current symptoms, but also to shift longstanding patterns and create lasting change.
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