Sophisticated CBT

  • My background as a therapist

    I originally trained in a specialty known as “psychodynamic” psychotherapy, which is the open-ended, exploratory talk therapy historically practiced in New York City.  While this approach does provide support and can help patients gain insight into the origins of their problems, as a therapist, I grew increasingly impatient with its glacial pace and limited impact on my clients’ day-to-day lives.

    At one point, searching for a more useful approach for a client who sought help for her panic attacks, I decided to teach myself the basics of cognitive therapy for panic and anxiety.  I was immediately awed by the results in our work together.  Not only did this woman experience dramatic relief, but as I introduced the cognitive approach across my practice, the response was overwhelmingly positive.  My clients actually started to feel more in control, and to leave my office with a fresh perspective and an effective set of tools to use when they faced challenges.  I was totally energized, and eager for more.

  • Evolution of Sophisticated CBT

    Over the next couple of years, I continued to immerse myself in the cognitive-behavioral model and techniques, and became skilled at treating panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. I pursued advanced training at “the source,” the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research, and became a Fellow and a Certified Trainer/Consultant in the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.

    It was exciting to immerse myself in this new way of thinking and working, and to see my clients benefiting and enjoying it as well, but all along colleagues would ask me, how does all of this fit with all you believe about the importance of the supportive therapy relationship, of understanding people’s complex backgrounds, and trying to help people change for the long run?  I came to see that, having grounded myself in those principles for so long, that approach is in my bones, and I believe it’s that kind of clinical sophistication that informs my cognitive work every day.

Sophisticated CBT
I provide effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety and other issues. My approach is clinically sophisticated, so I tailor the work to help you get relief from current symptoms, but also to shift longstanding patterns and create lasting change.
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