How about “Fat Delivery System”?  That’s what I call them!

I know they’re wildly popular, and I see the cute packaging.  They are so appealing, and after all, it’s not like having a Milky Way for a late-afternoon snack…  But hey, take a look a the nutrition labels, not just the flashy names and tag lines (“natural nutrition,” “high protein,” “created for women,” “sustaining,” “gluten free”).

Are we truly looking to meet 12% of our recommended fat intake from a couple of ounces of a pre-fab snack?  Is it a high-enough rated treat for that?  (Make it a higher percentage of the fat you need if you are shooting for less than 2000 calories per day, which is likely for the average woman.)

I know, I know – I’m being a stickler, a kill-joy!  I mean, how else are we going to get a nourishing shot of protein in the afternoon, right?  Well, OK, but if we were looking for chemical food derivatives like soy protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, who among us knows where to pick those up?

On the other hand, hmm… protein snack in the afternoon:  a handful of almonds and some dates?   Peanut butter on some high-fiber crackers with a drizzle of honey?  Yogurt with a banana and real maple syrup?  Hummus and some pita?  Of if you’re just going for the fat, how about a few slices of avocado?

OK, even if you don’t mentally change the name from “Protein Bar” to “Diabolical Fat Delivery System,” don’t those other snacks sound yummier?