A couple of comments from the last Essentials workshop:

“Debbie models a lovely collaboration with patients that takes the whole person into account.  It’s quite a contrast from the cookbook version of CBT.  Her detailed examples of her work with patients — what she approaches first, and the language and humor that work for her — gave me a picture of a very lively, authentic working relationship. 

Because of Debbie’s class, I have a better idea of how to integrate CBT philosophy and techniques into my therapeutic approach.”

-  Theresa Claire, Ph.D.

“It was great attending the workshop with you. You have an easy style and you used practical examples. Learning about the process was interesting and gave me new ways to easily integrate CBT into my practice. Thank you. I look forward to hearing about the next offerings.

- Moira Mastro, LCSW

And from current and former supervisees:

“Melamed’s group supervision in CBT has breathed new life into my practice. Though I’m a formally trained psychoanalyst, I was pleasantly surprised to discover, in contrast to stereotypes about CBT, how well it can be used alongside my psychoanalytic conceptualizations. 

Debbie is sharp and makes it interesting. She teaches how to break down the anxiety and panic experience into a frame by frame analysis that makes it much more amenable to effective interventions.”

-  Jennifer McCarroll, Ph.D.

“I took Deborah Melamed’s CBT Intro class as a refresher, having taken a few other classes in CBT that were both semester-long and weekend intensives. Without a doubt, the small class size,  Deborah’s style, clarity and general vibe made this far and away the best and most successful CBT class I have ever taken.  

I learned more and finally had this framework “click” into very usable and effective practice in working with both long and short term clients. I would highly recommend for both those new to CBT and those with some experience, looking for a fresh take on it!”

- Laura Kleinman, LCSW

I felt very comfortable and highly engaged in the seminar.  It has definitely affected the way I’ve listened to patients in the last few weeks, though I’ve also been aware of my own “automatic thoughts” about beginning to work from a CBT perspective.  I would not have signed up for the workshop if not for Debbie’s psychodynamic background!”

- Karen Cumbus, Ph.D.