This man gives it to you straight!

If you have been reading Bittman’s columns in the New York Times over the past few years, you have seen the awakening of a food activist in real time.  He used to be more of a recipe guy, a la “How to Cook Everything,” (still a huge bestseller), but now he talks about sustainability, the corporate takeover of the food industry, the forces that encourage Americans to eat too much meat, etc.

And now this!  Got Milk? You Don’t Need It in the NYT (07/08/12).  Bittman speaks out about the connection between consumption of dairy products by adults and the increased incidence of acid reflux (or GERD) in the population.  He points out how the dairy industry and the pharmaceutical companies (who make antacids and proton-pump inhibitors) benefit, while consumers often do not.

Something to think about, especially if you might be suffering from the effects of dairy in your diet…