Sorry, no can do.  Nor should you want me to!  Anxiety, or excessive anxiety, which is what we generally mean when we use that term, is best understood in the context of your overall alarm system.  So let’s start with alarm systems.

Say you live in a house and you have an alarm system installed.  One day you are woken at 4 am by the loud blaring of the alarm, followed by a call from the alarm company and the police at your door.  It turns out that two thieves had been working on trying to break in through a window.  You think, “Phew, thank goodness for the alarm system, I’m so glad it’s there.”

But say you are woken at 4 am by the blaring alarm, the call from the alarm company, and the police visit, only to find out that the alarm was tripped up by two mice crawling across your basement floor.  Are you thinking, “That darned alarm system, I’m having it disconnected tomorrow.”?  No.  Having the alarm company come to adjust it?  You bet.

Don’t treat your alarm system like something that has to be terminated.  You don’t want to be in opposition to something so vital to your well-being.

Adjust it.  Recalibrate it.  That’s the name of the game.