One thing they sure don’t teach you in psychology grad school is about “putting yourself out there.”  When I was in a clinical program learning to do the old-fashioned kind of psychotherapy, it was all about interiors – inside the treatment room, inside the patient’s mind, inside the therapy relationship.  Nothing about the outside, about interacting with the real world out there – and forget about technology or social media! 

Seems hard to believe these days, with everyone born with a FaceBook page, and innately savvy about identity and branding, but for me the road from having a lot of ideas and experience to share, to actually sharing them, has been a long and hesitant one. 

But finally it’s the Blog for SohoCognitive…

…where I plan to share my observations as a talk-therapist-turned-CBT-anxiety-specialist, practicing and watching the world go by from here in New York City,

with a special focus on some insights, outrage, techniques, and encouragement for managing your weight in this insane food environment that we call home.

So I’m pretty excited, I hope you find it useful, and I thank you for joining me as I embark on this ride!