Got Mark Bittman?

This man gives it to you straight! If you have been reading Bittman’s columns in the New York Times over the past few years, you have seen the awakening of a food activist in real time.  He used to be more of a recipe guy, a la “How to Cook Everything,” (still a huge bestseller),…
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Welcome to FoodThink!

I am a psychologist, a New Yorker, an amateur nutritionist, and an outraged food citizen.  I’ve been living the FoodThink life since long before I gave it a name, using it both to enjoy food while keeping my weight in check, and (apparently!) to drive friends and family mad with my rants and raves about…
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Diary of a Cognitive Therapist

One thing they sure don’t teach you in psychology grad school is about “putting yourself out there.”  When I was in a clinical program learning to do the old-fashioned kind of psychotherapy, it was all about interiors – inside the treatment room, inside the patient’s mind, inside the therapy relationship.  Nothing about the outside, about…
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I took my lifelong passion for sane eating in an insane food world, and turned it into a comprehensive system that anyone can learn. FoodThink incorporates CBT principles, and gives you a great way to power-up your weight-loss plan and help you eat sanely for the long-term.