Anxiety Treatment

  • I help people with fears that interfere with daily life.

    My anxiety work is active, short-term, and skills-based, and it’s tailored to your particular set of difficulties.

    The goal is for you to master the tools you need to move about more freely in your life – from place to place and from day to day–without the energy-drain of anxiety symptoms.

    Here are some of the issues I can help with:

panic disorder briefly defined as repeated panic attacks accompanied by an increasing avoidance of panic-associated activities and locations

mobility problems characterized by avoidance or extreme discomfort when riding subways, elevators, bridges, tunnels, etc., and which can significantly affect one’s quality of life

fear of flying which can be incredibly limiting both personally and professionally.  Most of my fear of flying work is done in the office, but in some cases, I will take a flight with the client to coach them and strengthen their coping skills in real time

social anxiety including symptoms ranging from severe shyness to panic about public speaking to extreme avoidance of social interactions, meetings, or activities

generalized anxiety which can be thought of as a chronic state of worry and tension, often characterized by a lot of “what if?” thoughts and negative scenarios

sleep problems which can easily spiral, but can be tamed with tailored cognitive and behavioral interventions

body-related anxieties that may sound odd, but are not uncommon, and cause a great deal of stress and shame;  these include fears about fainting from the sight of blood or needles, anxieties about choking, swallowing, or vomiting, and fears about managing IBS symptoms.

health anxiety which is often ridiculed as “hypochondria,” is a condition where people feel plagued by endless fears and worries about medical conditions

discontinuation of psychiatric medications  if recommended by your doctor, which can be a difficult and itself anxiety-producing experience

Sophisticated CBT
I provide effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety and other issues. My approach is clinically sophisticated, so I tailor the work to help you get relief from current symptoms, but also to shift longstanding patterns and create lasting change.
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