Welcome to Soho Cognitive the downtown Manhattan psychotherapy practice of Dr. Deborah Melamed

  • Offering Sophisticated CBT

Specializing in effective Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety and other issues

Giving you a fresh perspective and a solid set of tools you can use, to feel better during the week and build on it going forward

Emphasizing practical, creative approaches to solve current problems — without endless musing about your childhood

Putting insights to work right away — I give clients written take-aways of the models we’re working on, keyed to their specific goals, action plans, and coping strategies

Collaborating on a defined mental health project, and making the work as enjoyable as possible

Coaching you in my FoodThink system — the best strategies to lose weight and keep it off without deprivation-dieting

Sophisticated CBT
I provide effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety and other issues. My approach is clinically sophisticated, so I tailor the work to help you get relief from current symptoms, but also to shift longstanding patterns and create lasting change.
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New sessions forming this winter! Boutique training for psychodynamic therapists who are CBT-Curious. To gain new skills and energize your practice, join my specialized seminars for practicing therapists. It's a hands-on introduction to my dynamically-informed, non-cookbook approach to CBT.
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Anxiety Treatment
My therapy for anxiety problems is active, short-term, and skills-based. People leave my office with the tools they need to move about more freely in their lives – from place to place and from day to day - without the energy-drain of anxiety symptoms.
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